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The NYPD8 for a S&W M&P Shield. Built on Colt’s V frame, the medium-size revolver had a lot of class. 5 ounces on my scale. Snub Nose Revolvers By Chuck Hawks. The weight of this revolver contributes to both factors, absorbing some recoil and helping one steady it at arm’s length. Agreed! I had an SP101 before I sold it (which I regret) for an LCR, and had no problem carrying. 38 Spl. 357 revolvers for my hiking/xc skiing/snowshoeing/mountain biking and it looks like I will be picking up one of these. Aug 12, 2017 · The Ruger SP101 debuted in 1988 and is still going strong in the market today. Absolute win. Colt Colt Cobra holsters can come in a large variety of materials and carry styles that will allow you an easy draw and re-holstering while being comfortable at all times. VZ Grips Kryptek Highlander Hat. III /King Cobra. 357 magnum. 327 Federal cartridge is an update to the . Detective Special and Cobra origins go back to 1926 when Colt introduced a 2-inch-barreled version of the popular Police Positive model called the Police Positive Special. 380 Single Action Army Woodsman, Huntsman, Challenger For my hand, the older Colt Cobra, unshrouded, comes with stock grips that combine with a Tyler to be slightly better than an RB 12 with Tyler, which is somewhat better than an SB 12 with a Tyler. Colt O2091LTD Brian Powley Colt Engraver Series. Classic products include the "Colt . The confluence of features found in the Colt King Cobra make a gun that is exceedingly pleasant to shoot comfortably and accurately. 22. 5" 34 Colt Python . How a Gun Artist Does Cerakoting. I Ruger vs Taurus I am going to start looking for a . 38 Special, . masuzi 1 month ago No Comments. Oct 11, 2017 · Then I came across the new Colt Cobra. Three . Handcrafted of a premium grade, full grain leather, and lined with suede. Colt made waves in 2017 with the company's re-entry into the revolver market with its Cobra in . 4) The various 32's. Building an AR-15 Step-by-Step, Part 2: The Upper Receiver. 38 Special revolvers, and marking Colt's staunch will to retake by force a market category they once dominated, snake number two has arrived: the all-new Colt King Cobra . May. 357 Mag 3. Took 2 months, but worth the wait. S&W Conversion Grips. The Colt Cobra is a lightweight, aluminum-framed, double-action short-barrelled revolver, not to be confused with the Colt Cobra's frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy as compared to the all-steel frame of the Detective Special. Hard to find oversized grips that fit the 1950's era Colt Cobra, Detective Special, etc. Odds apparently show that getting a good Colt are relatively good. 38 New police, . Chambered for . Seller: bobsvintageguns. COLT 1903 HAMMERLESS GRIPS (checkered) COLT 1903 HAMMERLESS GRIPS (smooth) Colt 1905. No one has really attempted it since the much-beloved Colt Detective Special, which was discontinued back in 1995. For the pricepoint and shortage of skilled guys, especially for polishing revolver components (that takes about 20 years to get good at) and assembling and adjusting the internal mechanism, work often done in the Colt Custom Shop which has downsiz Colt 1911 Gold Cup Mark IV Series 70 . The second is nothing like a Python. Tags: 1911; ruger; Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Jul 7, 2014 #1 Bought this holster for a colt detective special and it also fits my ruger sp101. 38 snubby for daily concealed carry, suggested this comparison. That is a huge difference. The holster is still a little stiff and I'm sure will break in with more use. 5 ounces), has serious recoil with . 6 Nov 2018 There were the Colt Cobra, European American Armory (EAA) Windicator, S&W Model 60, Ruger SP101 and Taurus Model 605. Security 9 Compact Turq. The New Vaquero has a small frame and uses the 33250 / 33251 Kit. This is a great holster. I've never had too much issue shooting 357 accurately out of a 3" SP101, so to me it isn't the same as a 3" S&W Model 60 as I wouldn't be loading the SP101 with 38 ammo anyhow. The transfer safety bar  Colt Cobra or S&W Model 60. 357 Magnum, allowing the use of . We recently posted a review of the Smith & Wesson Airweight J-frame, a very popular revolver for concealed carry. 38 Special–only platform for decades. 2 Adjustable Sights Stainless Steel. This is a first for Kimber, who is mostly known for their 1911s, but the K6s now has them competing with other small, steel frame revolvers like the Ruger SP101, the Smith & Wesson J-frames, and, as of last week, the new Colt Cobra. 38 4" 9 Colt Umarex 1911 . 357 Magnum double-action revolver has been showcased at the 2019 SHOT Show. The Colt's a nice gun, but the biggest limitation in my mind is the inability to shoot the 357mag round. 357 Magnum. Also, the true Strongest DA Revolver Champion is the Colt Mk. And I don't think I can legally purchase any Colt Python copies like the Italian 1955 Model P (a Python copy supposedly Granted, a revolver doesn't have too many moving parts (on the surface at least) compared to semi-autos, which We wholeheartedly recommend three revolvers from Ruger: their small-frame 5-shot SP101; their medium-frame I was surprised the Colt Cobra was not on your list. 45", Colt Python, and Colt Anaconda. 38 Spec. Colt Cobra and Ruger LCR . Colt Cobra. The New Vaquero, (NV) produced from 2005 to the present is closer to the dimensions of the Colt Single Action Army. 357 Magnum Colt King Cobra lives up to the original's reputation from the golden age of Colt wheelguns. 5-, 4. Take the Colt Cobra . Great for carry, but not so great for shooting, and you lose a round of capacity versus a larger revolver. SuperSlide OWB Holster - Colt Cobra Holsters Outside the Waistband. The SP101 was similar to the larger GP100, but with a shorter barrel and more Colt International. Wish List Compare. 2" SP101 daily for half a dozen years or so in a Aug 31, 2017 · But few match the elegant nasty of this SP101 model. Whether you go to the The original Colt Government 1911 model has been duplicated by many other manufacturers (such as Smith & Wesson, Kimber, Ruger, Dan Wesson, Ed Brown, Iver Johnson, Remington, Rock Island Armory, Springfield Armory, Sig Sauer, Taurus, Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Nighthawk, Para Ordnance, and so many more) and exists under other names including If you like what you have and feel comfortable shooting it and you shoot it well then it is for you. To see how the current crop of snubbies perform, I obtained five revolvers from various manufacturers. Colt Combat Unit 45 01070CCU. 357 Magnum RETURNS Adam Scepaniak 01. And Apr 09, 2020 · Colt King Cobra Carry. It’s been carried and shot for over 40 years… Mfgr- Colt Initially offered- 1955 Overall length (8 in barrel)- 13. 2 inches x 4. com P. Galco SR46B Switchback Colt King Cobra 6" (Pre-2019) Black Leat $ 39. 22 4 Ruger SP101 Double-Action Revolver Ruger® SP101® provides magnum firepower in a small-frame Double-Action Revolver meant for concealed carry. The major improvements over the original Cobra are an enhanced leaf mainspring, making the hammer throw smooth and even. forged frames of Colt and S&W. I love how "tough" they are but the Taurus is less expensive and has a 7 shot capacity vs 5 shot. I took the IWB clip and removed the pocket sewn into the holster for the clip. 357 Looking at buying a pocket revolver for primary/back up. Made for semiautomatic pistols and double action revolvers, the Combat Master is Ruger 5718: The Ruger SP101 revolvers are smaller framed guns which still can handle powerful . Moon Clip 9 MM S&W 986 Stainless Steel. These are all three very popular snub  5 Apr 2019 Revolver Lust: Kimber K6s vs Colt Cobra In this video we compare two revolvers, the Kimber K6S and the (new) Colt Cobra. Taurus TSR One of the most popular cowboy action guns is the 22-caliber Heritage Arms Rough Rider, which can be purchased new for around $100, while the Colt Python can sell used for $4,500, or more. 25. The word "Colt" has always added a lot of cost to a handgun. Your comparison pic of the King Cobra next to the Ruger left me feeling I would rather have the Ruger with You can smooth out the Ruger's trigger pulls but you can't undo the fatness unless you go down to the SP101. The Colt is heavier, has the extra round, and, if the reports are true, a great trigger. 38 Special, typical small-frame revolvers chambered for the . There's a disagreement as to whether the word "Colt" adds a commensurate level of quality to go with that price tag. Early 1918 Colt1911 US Govt. The DAO™ can be worn strong side or crossdraw at the user’s discretion. Both are chambered in . Altamont's colt Grips. That . 1911 VZ Hydra™ - Full Size Grips. Which means whenever they make a new gun, you should pay attention, including the Colt revolvers. I am a Ruger guy. And while I like the concept, I don't think it's worth $900. 357 Magnum 2. Jan 01, 2017 · My friends Max and Kevin from Colt and Major Ed from Folds of Honor wringing out the new Colt Cobra. 38 S&W (1877) . It is the heaviest small frame revolver (though it only outweighs the Colt Detective Special by about 2. 1903 Re-Issue Series. Jun 20, 2017 · The new . It wears well in the Galco Combat Master for the Ruger SP101 3-inch. handguns that follow the tolerances of the 1911 Colt Detective Special, Cobra, Agent, Diamondback, Magnum Plus, (Police Positive Special, Magnum Carry, Commando, Army Special, M1903 . The Colt Detective Special was an American DA/SA revolver first produced in 1927 as a shortened version of the Police Positive Special handgun. I. 4 inches. Colt Custom Shop. 357 Magnum revolver as possibly a 3rd gun worn in an ankle holster while driving. The new Colt Cobra is all steel and should have been designed to shoot the magnum round. Ruger SP101 Slide Holster Right Ha Fobus Ankle Holster Charter Arms/Ruger LCR/LCRx Right Hand Draw Polymer Shell Freedom Carry IWB Holster - Colt Cobra Holsters Inside The Waistband. The butt-forward cant allows effective concealment of even a large defensive handgun. July 28th, 2017, 01:23 AM. I am a Colt fan, always have been and always will be. Jan 12, 2018 · The R365 Custom ARs. Although Colt King Cobra vs Kimber K6S vs Ruger Sp101 . Apr 06, 2019 · The Colt King Cobra slips easily between these two classes of firearms and even though Colt’s considers this a “small” frame I find it to shoot and carry much more like a medium frame gun. The Cobra came out over a year ago and made some noise as Colt’s noteworthy return to double action revolvers. HKS SPDLR 32H&R TAU 73 RUGER SP101. The open top design offers a swift draw and presentation, while detailed molding provides secure retention. The SP101 in . If you don't take anything else away from this edited answer, and from Arc Angels comprehensive response, throw away the factory grips on the SP-101 and buy the Hogue Monogrips. Looking at either a nice shrouded Colt Cobra for @$525 delivered or a Ruger LCR . It is roughly the same size as my Ruger SP101 with the exception of the 3 inch barrel and according to my scale they  Immediately below: S&W 686+, S&W 64, Ruger SP101, Colt Cobra, S&W 60. 5 to 7 pounds. . Smooth Industries Wood Checkered Grips for Colt Cobra, Anaconda, New Hogue 47900 Colt King Cobra/Anaconda Grip, Rosewood Hogue 47800 Colt King Cobra/Anaconda Grip, Coco Bolo Well, I don't have much hope for the new cobra as Colt is struggling & the original cobra was VERY labor intensive so the new one probably won't be any better than the other MIM content, quickly machined, poorly assembled modern revolvers from the majors. 38 Specials, of course. 357 MAGNUM 2. Colt Combat Commander vs Ruger SR1911 Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by artymech66, Jul 7, 2014. Taking care of your holster is an important thing and there are many options including break-in or adjustment. 357, . 0-, 2. 357 . Ruger SP101. How to Build an AR Rifle at Home. Like these, colt cobra, 3”686, new 2. Delta Elite Series. I like Colt, and I wanted to support their return to the DA market so I bought one. O. Today we take a step up in both power and weight, and turn our attention to the Ruger SP101 in . 38 4" 9 Colt Mustang . New Cobra vs SP101? I’m in the market for a steel snubby, something that can be concealed easily but also be manageable to shoot at the range. 38 SPL Revolver in an Alien Gear Holster. Try a Badger Grip today to find out why Badger Grips Have Become the Preferred Grip for Avid Shooters! After a long dry spell with no double-action revolvers being manufactured, Colt has the long-anticipated Cobra in full production. What I’m Leary about is colt & kimber customer support, Plus finding leather to CCW said in. Colt O1970A1WC Wiley Clapp Gov't 1911. 357 Magnum, and 9×19mm Parabellum), six-shot (. Wiley Clapp Series. Also, the SP101 comes in different barrel lengths to include: 2. OUR NEW PRODUCTS. 357s. 47″ compared to the Ruger’s 1 Oct 26, 2018 · Ruger SP101. Sentry Go Sleeves. Semi-autos are no exception. I think everyone gets it. 38/. 357 and have written off the worthless Colt King Cobra. I lusted after that gun, but I’ve never Jun 08, 2019 · The Colt King Cobra functioned at 100% with everything I deigned to put through it. The pull does not stack much, if at all, and breaks cleanly and consistently at what feels like the advertised weight of 7-9 pounds. Oct 15, 2012 · My top five picks for the best concealed carry revolvers for reliable self defense include the five following wheelguns: Ruger SP101 357 Mag, 2. 32 S&W cartridge all the way up to lightly-loaded . 357 magnum SP101 for Wheelgun Wednesday · Post image. The Cobra has a very smooth DA and SA. Moon Clip 38/357 S&W 627 Blued Finish (0. shipping now - Go Wild. The standard models of GP100 have a 4. S&W Model 640 vs Ruger SP101 . Colt did a good job with their King Cobra and the Carry variant is an awesome choice for concealed carry. It will fit in a box 7. This reincarnation of a past revolver is being made as a six-shot in . Ruger SP101 Standard Single/Double Action 9mm 2. 357 6" RUGER GP100 6" SECURITY SIX 6" SERVICE SIX 6" SPEED SIX 6" S&W K FRAME 10 6" K FRAME 19 6" K FRAME 66 6" L FRAME 586 6" L FRAME 686 6" TAURUS 425 TRACKER 6" 627 TRACKER 6" 66 6" The Colt Cobra marks Colt's triumphant return to the world of double-action revolvers. The Long Branch Colt SAA P1840LBC One of 300. May 22, 2019 · There are a whole lot of J-frame revolvers out there, and one of the best to acquire is the Model 637 Airweight. 29 Jul 2019 The Colt King Cobra with 3-inch full lug barrel (JWT for TTAG). Now, the company's bringing the magnum back with the new-for-2019 Colt King Cobra revolver chambered in . ) Bill (Wm. 025 thick) Moon Clip 45 ACP S&W 625 Blued Finish. Now, the company We make custom leather holsters for Colt, Glock, Kimber, Sig Sauer, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield and many more. Jan 19, 2017 · I was a big Colt snake gun revolver man in the early nineties. 75" 31 Colt New Agent 3” 34 Colt Officer 3. Combat Unit Series. 357 Magnum 38 Special & 38 Special +P, can be fired safety from this revolver The cartridge designation is located on the barrel of the revolver (Figure 1). I would lok at the 357 Ruger LCR, but i think its ugly. Within my budget ($700 max), the two most viable new options seem to be the 2 inch Ruger SP101 in 38/357, or the Colt Cobra. The King Cobra is essentially a 3" Ruger SP101 with a 6 round cylinder. Put less than 1/2 box through mine and sent it down the road. DropSlide OWB Holster - Colt Cobra Holsters Outside the Waistband. 38 Special Colt Cobra delivers a new take on a classic snub-nosed revolver. 191 Buying my first handgun, used Ruger Security 6 vs GP100. The length of the trigger pull can and should be shorter. Once there, you can verify that the Ruger ® firearm you seek is available through that retailer and order it, subject to all federal, state and local laws. Thread starter I haven't found a Colt Cobra with 3 inch barrel in . Guns like the Colt Cobra battled the 5- shot J-frames from Smith & Wesson for position in the ankle holsters of cops in the 60s and 70s. 44 frames 445 and 357 Max streched frames: Cattleman, Sourdough, , , 120, All American, Flap Jack,Eldorado Texas: H&R Sportsman 999 kimber K6 2" and 3" Cattleman, Silver Dollar, Pocket Protector Colt and copies of Colts, including replica cap and ball revolvers such as Uberti and Pietta, and all variations on the 1911 . It's the classic J-frame revolver for concealed carry - five shots of . The Ruger SP101 is a series of double-action revolvers produced by the American company Sturm, Ruger. Galco High Ride Concealment Holster For Ruger SP101/Colt Det. 38 Special, for example, which is a 6-shot revolver with fiber optic front sights. The . 357 magnum rounds. The perception that the GP100 wears this crown is due to the more massive appearance of the Ruger's cast frame vs. Don't confuse a Trooper with a Trooper MKIII. 357 Magnum – of course – and it’s seriously solidly made. In the meantime I found that an old Tagua 4in1 I had for a three inch SP101 I no longer own fits surprisingly well. The Combat Master has an open muzzle and fits belts up to 1 3/4". I always IWB carried my SP101 and do carry my 442 in an IWB holster as well, so neither really register as a pocket pistol to me. Wanting to get one of Daily carried well worn but taken care of . Moon Clip 9 MM S&W 940 (0. It’s been a year that I’ve been searching and I’ve got to say for a guy that wears a gun 8-10 hours a day this is the holster for me great quality leather thick This holster is ideal for field and casual concealment of most revolvers. 1. We all have a story to tell about or involving a Colt revolver. Of course, they're not made anymore, so it'd have to be used. YMMV. 20 (3) COLT GOVT 9MM Luger Rail Gun Stainless Steel 5in 9rd Rosewood Oct 10, 2019 · Colt introduced the King Cobra revolver in 1986, and it was eventually available with 2. 327 Federal Magnum can hold up to six rounds, which translates to a 20% I just had some guy try to tell me how much better a Kahr sub compact 9mm is than a snub nosed . The model that I’m most interested in is the 2. While I own an SP101 and carry it at times I don't love it the way some people do  The Ruger SP101 is a series of double-action revolvers produced by the American company . Unless you’ve lived under a rock the past couple of years, it’s impossible to miss Colt is back in the double-action revolver game. The Cobra features all-steel construction, as well as a rubber wrapped grip that's been moved rearward to help manage recoil. The SP101 was Ruger’s concealed carry handgun until the arrival in the mid-2000s of the Ruger LCR. Don Hume J. 1932. So I have decided to purchase a second concealed carry handgun, a revolver, and like the Colt Agent, Cobra and Detective Special models. A concealable 6-shot . Building an AR-15 Step-by-Step, Part 1: The Lower Receiver. Kimber K6. I’ve went thru holster after holster trying to find one that fits comfortable with a firm grip on my weapon and tight to the body. Colt Detective Vs J Frame. 99 0 $699. I The Ruger SP101 is chambered in . 22 LR. Chambered for this round, the SP101 offers shooters recoil and power levels ranging from the soft shooting . 25in. S&W N-Frame. 25" and I have large hands, even though it's a smallish grip, it fits my hand like a glove, the rubber grip allows my pinky to Colt Colt Detective Special, Police Positive Anaconda, King Cobra Pocket 9 Government 380 and Mustang Colt Government 1911 Python, Trooper, Official Double Eagle Pocket . Strong and reliable shot after shot, all Ruger SP101 ® revolvers have solid steel sidewalls (no side-plates), making them rugged, reliable, and dependable. 38 Long Colt) ( Armscor/Rock Island Armory M206) 12. SP101 or K6s. 38 Short Colt (1871) . Smith & Wesson, M&P Bodyguard . If you aren’t already familiar with Hogue, these grips are one some of the best in the industry and do wonders for the Cobra’s handling and overall ergonomics. The SP101 is a good value and can be tuned up a bit if needed but I would expect the Colt or Kimber to be tops right out of the box. 22 LR model Jul 29, 2018 · If one was to conceive of an excellent all-purpose fullsize revolver today, what would it look like? It would be first durable, and reliable, have 6 or 7 shots, and be chambered in . I carried a 2. Each piece of art is a limited edition as we will not mass produce, and thus dilute, the quality of our work. Commander Series. , SN 571-659XX, 2 1/4” bbl. With one slight twist, the HKS Speed Loader loads all chambers simultaneously. Corrosion resistant stainless steel frame and cylinder. Single Colors; Dual Colors; Specialty Colors; Translucent Colors; Streaked Colors; Haze Colors; Solid Opaque Colors; Pearl & Clear Colors The Original Vaquero was marketed from 1993 until 2005, and was slightly larger than the Colt Single Action Army. Ruger SP101 327FED 4. National Match Deluxe O5870NMD. Guns and Shooting Online reader Bruce Johnson, who was pondering whether to purchase a new Ruger LCR or a used Colt Cobra . 5 million were produced in several models by the time production finally ended in 1986. Desantis Holster is an online store for inside the waistband holsters, pistol holsters, Taurus, pistol, pancake holsters, holsters for springfield XD, walther, handgun, GLOCK IWB, GLOCK 22 and leather holsters for 1911. Go Wild Take Down w burnt bronze bbl #31146. 38 for @$375 used or a new LCR. You could shrink the height and width a Mar 26, 2019 · Colt used to call revolvers in the Detective Special and Cobra class D-frames. 357mag 2" Taurus 617 or a Ruger sp101 2. Badger Custom Grips Specializes In Custom Wooden Revolver Grips for the Avid Shooter. It proved very popular and over 1. The high cut leading edge of the holster is designed to protect the adjustable rear sight found on many revolvers. Concealed: Pros And The trigger being double-action is average and does not compare to the S&W or Colt. It was tolerant of the dusty It weighs merely 14. Dealer Locator My Account Contact. 2- inch barrel with full shroud. Jan 10, 2019 · Thanks to the Colt King Cobra, the gunmaker will once again have a . AR-15 VZ Stipple - Gen 2 Rifle Grip. Mar 29, 2017 · 3. The Ruger shoots better than I could ever hope the COLT would. It has a steel-reinforced thumb snap for retention. For the last 3 years a S&W Model 642 has fulfilled this assignment. The top strap on the King Cobra is more stout with a superior DA trigger around 9 lbs vs SP 13-14lbs. 45 Made In 1979 Gun is 99% Click for more info. T. 32 Colt New Police, and . Feb 24, 2018 · I recently bought Colt's new revolver the Cobra. 99 ($7. Apr 23, 2014 · I just got an SP101 2. The new Cobra is a great shooter. 5 in, 4 in, 6 in, … Continue reading → The 110 grain jacketed hollow points by Winchester, CCI and Remington are all good for use in . Each and Every Grip is Precisely Milled and Handmade by Owner David Gates. 24 Apr 2019 If you are deadset on a 357 Magnum revolver for carry I'd always suggest the Ruger SP 101. The rebooted snake gun line has started all sort of chatter, but none more than the return of the King Cobra . Deciding between  4 Apr 2019 It comes with a grip that reduces recoil, making the SP101 ideal for personal defense or a cop's primary weapon. I have a Colt Cobra 38 Police Special 4″ barrel. Founded in 1836, Colt Manufacturing Company is best known for the classic firearms manufactured in the 19th and 20th centuries. 327 Federal Magnum and . 357 Magnum Showdown - TheFireArmGuy - Duration: 7:16. 12 Jan 2017 frame revolvers like the Ruger SP101, the Smith & Wesson J-frames, and, as of last week, the new Colt Cobra. Also, recently Colt announced that they're introducing the King Cobra Carry as well - this is a 2" snubbie version (DAO & bobbed hammer. fidelity. The triggers are very different between the two models of handgun, which may or may not be important for you. All Products z All All Products 1911 Colt Colt Government Comfort cross draw crossdraw Glock Glock 19 Glock 26 Glock 43 GP100 HK IWB IWB Holster J Frame K6s Kimber LCR M&P Shield Micro Micro 9 MP Shield MP9 Nighthawk P320 P365 Paddle Holster Pancake Holster Revolver S&W S&W Shield Shoulder holster Sig Sauer Small of back Smith & Wesson SOB Dec 30, 2018 · Ruger® LCRx® Double-Action Revolver Model 5444 Ruger has finally released my new woods gun. 357 Magnum (or . In trade, the Cobra is slated to be significantly cheaper than its stablemates, with Colt listing an MSRP of $699 , $200 less than the K6s. 357 Magnum, . It's double-action, with a hammer to thumb back in case you don't want the longer, harder trigger pull. Model SS59 - Ruger Secret Service Rosewood Grips Fits Ruger Model SP101. , followed by the low-profile, concealed-carry oriented Night Cobra in 2018. Anyone wanting to try the Colt King Cobra had better have over $900 dollars to throw away. (later, Lt. Colt 1911 Dbl Diamond. The strongside hi-ride design carries gun close to body for added comfort. 26 Jul 2017 The Kimber seems to be a little more solid while the Colt has the ability to go single action. 327 Federal Magnum is, as with the H&R Magnum’s advantage over the . The inside of the holster is lined with like a velvet that is very easy on my nickel finish. It's your money and you can spend it as you see fit. Our grips fit all makes and models of “true” 1911 handguns. 11 Nov 2017 Links to individual full reviews: Colt Cobra: https://youtu. SHOT Show 2019: The Colt King Cobra . RUGER SP101 . Smith & Wesson 686 Read More » Ruger SP101 Stainless . I’m no exception; in fact, the very first handgun I purchased with my own money was a Colt Lawman. The trigger was far superior to the Model 60 and SP101 I tried. TALO New Agents XS. 357 Revolvers - Duration: 22:00. 357 Magnum is one of the most powerful and effective self-defense guns covered in this article. 22LR. There were the Colt Cobra, European American Armory (EAA) Windicator, S&W Model 60, Ruger SP101 and Taurus Model 605. It's a little bit larger, heavier, and more expensive than the J-frames, but it feels nice in my hands and the trigger is smooooooth right out of the box. Another good thing about the . The Cobra is now made from matte-finished stainless steel, and thus is a bit heavier than the original aluminum-framed Cobra revolvers, weighing in at 24. 035 thick) Stainless Steel. Most Popular Guns. 5)327 MAG (TL) very obnoxiously loud and contrary to what its fanboys say it kicks a lot. I now carry a Colt Detective Special with. With its 3-inch barrel, Colt has clearly released the King Cobra as an everyday The 357 would still have a ballistic advantage with 3inch vs 6 inch 38 special. 38 Special, it had a fully adjustable rear sight with a white-outline notch and a ramped front blade with a red insert. Best Colt announced in late 2018 that they're making a King Cobra for January 2019 introduction. 20. Handling. Then I explained when both are fired out of 3" barrels, expansion and penetration are pret Apr 12, 2019 · (28 oz), For comparison, my recently purchased Ruger 3" SP101 38 special at 27 oz has the same grip and closely resembles the Colt but holds 5 rounds vs the 357/38 Colt with 6. For example, the new Colt Cobra has a single action trigger pull of 2-3 pounds and a double action pull of 6. The reason why I purchased these besides being a Colt fan fanatic was the simple fact that they were assembled by gunsmith not gun techs on a huge assembly line. The Agent and Cobra are lightweight, 14 and 15 oz. respectivly, while the Detective comes in at 21 oz. SnapSlide OWB Holster - Colt Cobra Holsters Outside the Waistband. like the 23 ounce all-steel K6s, you'll barely notice the increased weight in a belt holster compared to trying to  8 Oct 2018 BONUS OFFER: Get your 500 Page Ammo Comparison Handbook (worth $43) for FREE right into your inbox Colt, Cobra. What a conundrum to be in. 38 Special M1877 "Lightning" · M1889 · M1892 / 1894 / 1895 / 1896 / 1901 / 1903 / 1905 · Cobra · Detective Special · Diamondback · New  20 Feb 2020 Revolvers Vs. Although my greater sense of loss will be the High Standard (1966) Model 106 Military Supermatic Tournament I bought with my newspaper route money after USMC Capt. Semi-Auto Pistols. S&W J-Frame. The first has a action similar to a Python. If you like the size of the SP101, don't discount Ruger's service/security line of revolvers (speed six, security six, police service six, etc). “The All-­American Magnum” the blurb read, and inside was a roundup review of . The Colt King Cobra Carry is well made for use as an EDC thanks to its bobbed hammer and two-inch barrel but The Ruger SP101 is yet another . I wanted the better trigger of the LCR and it is easier to carry, but no fun at all to practice with, and I miss the ability to shoot it single action. May 24, 2010 · I carry either a 6" GP-100 or a 4" Colt King Cobra, and still have the little J-Frame in the front pocket. ) McMillan won the Gold Medal in Rapid COLT 1900 grips (smooth) COLT 1902 Sporting grips (smooth+logo) COLT 1902 SPORTING PISTOL grips (checkerd) Colt 1903, 1908 hammerless. The handgun tips the scales at 25 ounces, tending toward the heavier end of carry pieces, but not bad for a single-piece, stainless-steel frame revolver. King Cobra Series. I measured the cylinder widths of a J-frame and a K-frame Smith and Wesson revolver to compare with the King Cobra and found it is right in the middle of the other two, being . Apr 18, 2018 · Review: Colt Cobra The Colt Cobra As a young police officer, my introduction to the short-barrel, double-action revolver came when a salty field training officer bent down and pulled up his pant leg, revealing a blue steel revolver strapped in a black holster over his white sock. I own three Colt 2" D frame revolvers (old DS, old Agent, old Cobra), and none of them is particularly accurate. The first thing you’ll notice about the revamped Colt Cobra is that the legendary American gunmaker added a truly remarkable Hogue grip. series Detective Special than the older Cobras, and therefore puts it in the same bracket as the S&W 640, Ruger SP101, and the new Kimber K6s. 25" and Kimber K6s colt agent revolver, cobra 2″ (pre-2017), detective special 2″ * kimber k6s * ruger sp101 2 1/4″, sp101 2 1/4″ spurless hammer * taurus 327 2″, 605 2″, 85 titanium 2″, 94 2″ Additional information The Cobra arrived from Colt last week and now that it is in my hot little hands, the long promised review can start. Col. 357 Magnum can only hold up to five rounds in the cylinder, but small-frame revolvers chambered for the . Traditional Series. Colt 1911 Gold Cup Mark IV Series 70 National Match . Nov 06, 2018 · Concealable Revolvers: The Contenders. It was about $100 more, and the trigger, in my opinion, was slightly less impressive than the Colt. 357 loads, and added a couple of our own handloads. I've only had two hammerless concealable . They're six shot, instead of the SP101's 5 shot, and are close to the same size. 1-inch 5rd Fixed Sights - $489. Colt O9840WC Concealed Carry Officers. 0-, and 8. 25 GRIPS (checkered) COLT 1908 . 4 ounces versus the Model 649 that weighs in at 22. I know that there were and are a lot of teeth gnashing about the name, the design, the price, etc. 020 thick) Moon Clip 38/357 S&W 627 Blued Finish (0. 357 versions hold 5 rounds, the . The Colt King Cobra Target is very similar to the previously-released King Cobra, but with some noticeable differences. MORE NEW ARRIVALS FROM TALO! New Wiley Clapp Stainless All Steel Commander. STANDARD HOLSTER SIZE CHART BY BRAND If your firearm isn’t listed, please ask us for the size or compare your model with similar ones listed here to get a basic universal size. COLT 1908 . I like corrosion-resistant . 357 Magnum, 4-inch barreled gun served as my introduction into shooting IPSC in the late The Colt Cobra is larger than the typical J-frame five-shot revolvers but still quite compact. Colt’s Manufacturing Company, founded by Samuel Colt in 1855, was responsible for a great deal of the innovation in revolvers over the past three centuries. 357 vs Kimber vs Chiappa Rhino Snub nose. As mentioned before, the revolvers carry less ammo and are little slower to reload unless you practice a lot, but you need to compare reliability versus additional ammo. The Cattleman is the new and improved version of the Range Master mentioned on Gunblast. I had a Colt King Cobra in 357 Magnum a Colt Anaconda in 45 Long Colt and a couple of Colt pythons 1 in 4 inch 1 in 6 inch. The Cobra is chambered in . The finish was impeccable, and it just looks amazing. Home; Pearl Scale Sets. I believe they are the precursor to the current GP100 Ruger SP101 ® You Can Never Be Too Prepared. O4840WC Wiley Clapp Commander . The SP101 is a small frame and all-steel-construction carry revolver, with a five-shot (. Jul 29, 2019 · I use my Ruger SP101 in . 26 Jun 2019 This is a table top review and comparison of the Colt King Cobra the Kimber K6S and the Ruger SP101. Also the common use of the GP100 as an ammunition development platform. The SP101 gives you five rounds of . COLT 1905 GRIPS (checkered) Colt 1908 . 380 2. 0-inch barrels. First he tried to tell me the 9mm was "so much" more powerful. 25″, 3. 38-40 Winchester (1874) . Snake; Final Thoughts. Y Colt Cobra vs Kimber K6S Ruger SP101 vs Kimber K6S - . 25″ Revolver Smith & Wesson 642 Handgun 38 Special Colt Detective Special, Police Positive Special, new Cobra King Cobra: Cattleman, Silver Dollar, Pocket Pro, Dan Wesson Medium and Standard . Controllable Hogue Overmolded grips. Our Black Polymer Grips are a high-quality replacement for your factory grips that provide good grip and a classic look for your Colt Revolver. Bianchi 7 Shadow 2 Holster Right Hand Ruger SP101 2. 357 Magnum/. The SP101 had a terrible trigger. May 08, 2018 · Carrying a Ruger LCR. revolvers: the Smith & Wesson 642, the Ruger SP101 and the new Colt Cobra. These  This is a table top review and comparison of the Colt King Cobra the Kimber K6S and the Ruger SP101. So let's get to it. Colt Royal SS Government O1970A1AAW. The Ruger SP101 is chambered in . Introduced in the early 1990s, the Ruger SP101 was the company’s dominant . Colt’s Manufacturing Company, founded by Samuel The . Please note 327 magnum will function with 32 H&R, 32SWL, 32Colt New Police(NOT 32 COLT), 32S&W) and generally 32 ACP. It rides high and very close to the body. Grips for Colt Post '66 Cobra and Detective Special Revolvers. It's a small frame and 2" barrel make it ideal for concealed carry. This S&W is about 5″ tall. 32 H&R Magnum), or eight-shot cylinder. 38 Spl +P ammo. 28-ounces in weight. 45 in excellent original condition. Colt King Cobra . 357 self-defense revolver is hard to come by. 38 Special $699. 25 GRIPS (checkered+logo) Colt 1911 1911 Custom Grips Wicked Grips is your source for the ultimate 1911 Custom Grips and parts for your 1911. 38 Long Colt (1875) . 357 Magnum Revolvers But for a long time I have wanted another . I love the Colt for the history, bluing, feel, and the extra round, but worry about the alloy frame. The S&W J-frame is the  25 May 2019 In 1950 Colt released the first of what have become to be known as the “Snake Guns,” the Colt Cobra. Combat Elite Series. Was thinking of picking up a. 38 Special and is +P capable. 38 and . Mossberg 100th Anniversary Edition 1 of 750. Holster COLT’s latest “snake gun” is the resurrected King Cobra, featuring a heavy-duty stainless steel frame complete with a full-underlug, 3" barrel and a six-round, fluted cylinder. 95 ©2004 - 2013 C&C Global grips4guns. Even the Ruger LCR will meet that requirement. At the moment, I am thinking about either the new SP101 from Ruger, or the Tracker 627 from Taurus. Our Black Polymer Grips are a high-quality replacement for your factory grips Sep 12, 2018 · The Colt series (used Cobra) is a fine revolver, a bit larger than the five shot S&W J-frame models. The Colt Cobra is a lightweight, aluminum-framed, double-action short-barrelled revolver, not to be confused with the Colt King Cobra. 06, and 4″. I also like the S&W 686, 66, 29, 28,27 and 19. "Colt Cobra" For Sale. TALO Special Edition Pistols. 45 Auto that use standard grip stud spacing. 5" and 3" barrel snub-nose revolvers, such as the S&W Models 66, 19, 65, 13, Colt King Cobra, Ruger GP100 and especially the small-frame Ruger SP101. 22LR. These grips fit great and look good as well. The Colt over the Ruger but would give the Kimber a good look too. Both of these revolvers have shrouded barrels that surround the ejector rods. 327 Federal Magnum, . 75 This is my Python- It’s not a safe queen, or pretty. Stainless Steel, smooth trigger, shrouded ejector rod, and ramp front sight. Apr 25, 2018 · Colt Cobra Build & Design. Defender Series. A lot of people who want Pythons have griped about it because Read more COLT COBRA REVIEW PART 1 Filter by Firearm: -- Select a Make -- 1911 AK-47 AR . Colt King Cobra, six shot, single/double action revolver, caliber . I let go of a Ruger SP101 because after 8 to 10 shots the cylinder would lock up, my 856 shooting the same loads fired nearly 100 . Competition Series. Aug 26, 2017 · load and make ready – gp100 vs 686 To get a sense of the guns’ performance across a range of ammo, we picked up the three most common factory . 5", 3", and S&W J-Frame 3" B Bianchi 7 Shadow 2 Holster Right Hand Ruger SP101 Don Hume J. I believe that Kimber also saw this gap in the market when they released the 3″ K6s and perhaps Colt’s sensed the same void. Jan 23, 2019 · Two years after Colt’s successful re-entry into the double-action revolver market in 2017 with the Cobra series of . 357 Magnum revolvers, both Ruger SP101 5-shots . 99 S/H on firearms) scope mounts for COLT ANACONDA REVOLVER scope mounts for COLT PYTHON REVOLVER scope mounts for COLT KING COBRA REVOLVER scope mounts for COLT 1911 AND CLONES scope mounts for RUGER 10/22 RIFLE SMITH & WESSON K FRAME REVOLVER SMITH & WESSON L FRAME REVOLVER SMITH & WESSON N FRAME REVOLVER scope mounts for SMITH & WESSON MODEL 41 The Flavor of the Old West encompassed in a rugged, secure, field holster. com. Defining Characteristics Caliber. 357 revolver, something in the neighborhood of a 4 inch barrel. With that said, the second is the more durable gun. colt vs s&w vs ruger If I ever need to go into assisted living, parting with my Smith family will be sweet sorrow. 99 6d 9h 59m #335P RUGER SP101, 357 mag. 9 inches x 1. The slightly larger K-frame holds 6 shots while the Ruger holds 5. After looking at what's available today to meet my requirements I decided on the Ruger SP101 in 357mag. 308 Armalite Benelli Beretta Browning Colt CZ Enfield FN Glock H&R Heckler & Koch Howa Ithaca IWI Kahr Arms Kel-Tec Kimber M16 Marlin Mauser Mosin Nagant Mossberg Para-Ordnance Remington Ruger Savage Arms Sig Sauer SKS Smith & Wesson SMLE Springfield Steyr Mannlicher Stoeger Taurus Universal Here is the Ruger SP101 compared to the 3″ S&W K-frame Model 65 LadySmith. 357 Mag. Colt MK III, MK V, and King Cobras are said to be the strongest mid-framed . These wheelguns have many features in common and others that set them apart. WWI 1918 Colt M1911 45ACP in excellent original condition, only blue loss minor at muzzle and in hand grip Oct 26, 2018 · The revolver itself has a stainless steel frame with a satin finish. It features a smaller Ruger cushioned grip system with no exposed metal at the back strap for shooter comfort, the patented triple locking cylinder mechanism that securely locks the cylinder into the frame at the front, rear, and bottom, and a stainless steel frame that has no A Colt Colt Cobra holster keeps dust, moisture and water away. Colt King Cobra Vs Kimber K6S Vs Ruger Sp101 357 Revolvers Jun 26 / 78 / MarksmanTV This is a table top review and comparison of the Colt King Cobra the Kimber K6S and the Ruger SP101. 2 ounces. It holds six shots of ammunition and was sold by Colt from 1950 until 1981. Also I think if Kimber can keep up with the demand and not produce a lot of problems with the K6S versus their 1911's, then I think it'll be just fine. 12 Aug 2017 We recently reviewed the Colt Cobra, and although it's a new revolver that everyone seems to be wanting, it's chambered in . Kimber, K6S. NEW SPECIAL EDITION FIREARMS FROM TALO! Shipping 10/20/2019. It offers almost the same full protection to your gun as the Sourdough, but in a more traditional format. The Guns of James Bond: Daniel Craig. I have a King Cobra I have put overy 30k magnum rounds thru. ) Regardless of how smooth the trigger may or may not be, 10 pounds for a double action only pull is extremely heavy and ridiculous. 357 MAG 3 Stainless Steel. Paul from Colt, who is as good as an instructor as he is shooter. [Editor's note: Taurus announced the new Defender 856 at the 2020 SHOT Show. We started at 15 yards, and worked back to 25, using NRA B-2 bullseyes purely for the sake of convenience. 357’s, and may be difficult to control for inexperienced shooters. Strong metal points hold cartridges securely in the loader until you release them into the revolver with a turn of the speed loader knob. Capacity Don’t waste precious time at the range by loading your revolver one cartridge at a time. As for double action type guns I like the Python, Diamondback and Detective special. Each set is designed and created by artists right here in the USA. Colt O1991Z-HC Factory Hard Chrome. 357 for @$475. 357 Magnums appeared on the cover including a stainless Ruger GP100, the Colt King Cobra and the Smith & Wesson Model 686. Comparing The Colt Cobra Ruger Sp101 And S W 642 Ready To Strike The New 38 Special Colt Cobra Full Review Jun 22, 2019 · The GP100 weighs 1 kilogram, and it very popular with a few law enforcement departments in the world because of its versatility. This gun has a broad range of barrel lengths and caliber fittings, and it can get five, six, seven, or even ten shots. Compare all 38 Special ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. Housing a dual leaf spring, the Cobra’s frame has been re Jun 04, 2010 · However, it is heavy. I haven't found a new holster for it yet. The K6 looks good but Kimber has it's ups & downs quality wise so might be a c rap shoot. 05” narrower than the K-frame. 5 sp101, S&W 640 pro. 357 Magnum – what can I say, it is a solid CC revolver cartridge – and it's also designed for concealment. 32 H&R magnum. $695 FFL req Click for more info Hello, I recently purchased one of your cobra gun skin classics. Box 22222 San Diego, CA 92192-2222 Phone: 858-997-5138 Remington Model Hoo6 Carbine 17 1/4" octagon barrel Brass receiver, butt plate, front sight tip, and stock band (C1183-20) - . The frame is the same modified D-frame, it is still stainless steel, and chambered in . Ruger SP101 Slide Holster Right Hand Brown Leather J983800R. Ruger, LCR/LCRx & SP101. Alas, it’s not the rebirth of the iconic Jan 16, 2017 · Unlike the K6s, 640 Pro, or SP101 Wiley Clapp, the Colt sports fixed trench rear sights, but those are augmented by a fiber optic front sight that felt very easy to pick up. Royal Government. 2 Oct 2019 The reintroduced . 357 Magnum cartridges. Released in 2011, this version of the SP101 was the result of a team effort with Federal Ammunition. Stronger than the 686 or even the GP100. In comparison to older snake guns or modern S&W revolvers, the new Cobra has some sharp lines and edges. While the . 45. The Colt Cobra is back! SHOT Show 2019 showed all the new models, including the King Cobra, but the standard Colt  16 Jan 2017 Center stage was Colt's re-entry to the double action wheelgun market, the reinvented Cobra. By clicking on a link above, you will leave the Ruger website and be transported to the website of an independent, federally licensed retailer of Ruger ® products. Dec 09, 2015 · Regarding a Trooper. In any case the higher price for either the Colt or Kimber would raise my expectations considerably versus the SP101. It was designed for ease of carry and concealment. 9 Nov 2017 I carried my first revolver when I flew helicopter gunships in Vietnam: a Colt six- shooter. 25″ . Complete 38 special ammunition ballistics Chart. I like colt revolvers and not all of them. Compared to my memory of Kimber's excellent K6s pre-production models at last year's Industry Day, I would characterize the Cobra's double  Colt pre '66 D-frames - Genuine Rosewood Secret Service Grips - SMOOTH. The SP101 is offered in . 38 Special +P, and . 357 made. Apr 19, 2019 · Colt has been a reputable brand for a very long time in the history of revolvers. Compare the dimensions and specs of Ruger SP101 2. 38 Special +P. RELATED: Open Carry vs. This is probably a better option for thinner men and women rather than a large pancake holster. S&W 19c. This gun holds 6 of . It was the era of the wheelgun. It feels good in the hand with the stock rubber Hogues (I comfortably shoot it with two hands) and the trigger pull in DA is fantastic compared to previous generation guns. In addition, we have the newest model releases including the Springfield Hellcat, Colt Cobra, Sig Sauer P365, Glock 43 and the list goes on and on. 357 Magnum double-action revolver in its catalog. 0-, 6. Gold Cup Series. Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. Click the Name or Picture to see a larger image, more details, and to order options such as colors, special effects, and medallions. It would also be very accurate, and have an action that would … Revolver Face Off: Ruger GP100 vs. 38  CCW Ruger LCR . Rossi, R461/462. The Cobra was chambered in . Colt King Cobra vs Kimber K6S vs Ruger Sp101 . Jun 17, 2019 · The July 1990 issue of Guns & Ammo was the first that I received as a subscriber. 1” wider than the J-frame and . 38 Special in a compact, concealable package. 38 Special, and . Built with a solid stainless steel frame, with extra metal where it's needed, the SP101 also serves well for field carry while fly-fishing or backpacking in the backcountry. Its cylinder width is 1. 19 It was merely 15 days ago that The Firearm Blog broke the news that Colt was bringing back their highly coveted Colt King Cobra with American Eagle Ammo. Crimson Trace Polymer Lasergrip For Ruger SP101. Since 1971 Eagle Grips has been providing handgun enthusiasts with the finest quality grips possible only using high quality materials, old world technique’s and proven designs. 18 Jan 2018 Bull vs. Fits the following guns: COLT KING COBRA 6" PYTHON 6", TROOPER 6" DAN WESSON . Please note these grips will not fit the new 2017 Colt Cobra. Ruger SP101 WILEY CLAPP . 38 Special) at your disposal in a manageable package. 357. Oct 25, 2017 · The majority of plainclothes officers usually packed an S&W Chief’s Special or Bodyguard, a Colt Detective Special, or the Colt Cobra. Cobra is a sideplate gun that drew inspiration from the last double-action Colt snubbies made—the SF-VIs and DS-IIs. AMMUNITION: . These are all three very popular snub nose revolvers  3 Jan 2020 The SP101 was Ruger's concealed carry handgun until the arrival in the mid- 2000s of the Ruger LCR. Trigger. 38 Special. Moon Clip 9 MM Taurus 905 Stainless Steel. 5 in Barrel lengths- 2. 022) Moon Clip 38/357 S&W 627 Blued Finish (0. , like new condition with stainless steel high gloss finish, only 1500 made from 1996-1997, black rubber grips. Licensed Products. Colt Series Cobra Model Cobra Manufacturer Part Number COBRA-SM2FO UPC 098289007094 MSRP $699 Year Introduced 2017. S&W K/L-Frame. How the King Cobra is geared toward carry: Brass bead front sight. colt cobra vs sp101

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